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Muslim – Christian Dialogue: Where do we start?

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by Rasheed,

Do Muslims and Christians need to enhance their understanding of each other? If your answer is yes, then, how best can this be achieved?

The obvious answer is, by listening to each other. There is just no better way.

The keywords here are “each other”. If all we do is to listen to what we, and our co-religionists think about the other faith, then this is not listening to each other.

When I learn about Christianity, I consult Christian sources, ask Christian people, and read books written by Christians. I try to expose myself to a broad spectrum of opinion from within Christianity. I do not claim to be completely unbiased, but I try not to think about others in terms that they find alien to themselves.

Other questions might arise here including: What can this dialogue achieve? Which topics will be discussed, and who will decide on them?

I do not have ready answers to all the above questions. My own answer to the question about what can be achieved, is “better understanding“. I have no illusion that we will iron all our differences, or come to an agreement on any topic of discussion. My aim is simple, let us know our differences as best as we can, understand each other’s point of view, and maybe world will be a better place as a result; for It is my opinion that, Abrahamic faiths had a positive contribution on the history of Mankind.

When my friend Andrew asked me about Islamic scriptures, I promised him to share a few thoughts on the subject. This, I hope, will give him, and other readers, a better idea of what Muslims think of their faith.

Obviously these are questions that can take a lot of effort to answer, and of course, you can find various opinions and different answers to them. All I can promise, is to be candid, and frank.

I have finished writing my first post on Islam Sources. It is now undergoing final revision, and will appear here shortly.

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Written by Rasheed Gadir

November 17, 2007 at 1:01 am