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This weblog is intended to provide a stimulating and challenging discussion on matters of religion and culture.

I am hoping to foster a better understanding between people who hold opposing views and beliefs. We do not have to agree with each other, but at least, If we understand each other, then may be we can agree to differ.

It is for each reader to decide what level of robustness and critical thinking to apply when dealing with the ideas put forward on this weblog.

I believe that, it is always beneficial to look at questions and answers from different perspectives, before deciding whether a particular answer makes sense.

This blog is written from a Muslim perspective.

A final word:

I do not write what I write here believing that it will change your mind, or cause you to convert to Islam. All I am hoping for is, to put across to others, a range of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.

If you are enlightened then it is by God’s grace, if not, It is His will.

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Written by Rasheed Gadir

October 10, 2007 at 4:22 am

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